Create A Welcoming Front Porch

It’s said time and time again, there is no underestimating curb appeal. But it’s not just for when you’re selling. The exterior is an extension of your home, and therefore, an extension of your decor. Adding a few special features goes a long way towards creating an inviting and welcoming home. It can show your personality and set the tone before anyone even steps foot in your house. You can even transform your porch in a single weekend!

Paint Your Door – Be courteous to your neighbors with this one. No one wants to live next door to the person with a bright orange or fushia door. But a nice accent color will spruce up the place and add a pop of color. This is a perfect way to liven up a small porch.

Lighten it Up – Adding some extra lights will allow you to create an inviting space you can enjoy into the night. Festive lights can also be added for more flair. Don’t forget the areas you eat and your garden. Just be sure to have plenty of citronella candles or tiki torches to keep the bugs away.

Seating – If you have a small front porch you should skip this one, but a large porch is somewhere you may eat or have the neighbors over for drinks. The decor should match your interior in style. If you have a sleek modern interior with pops of color, don’t create a cozy country porch. Be sure to use weather safe furniture, even items on a covered porch will have exposure to elements.

Custom Numbers – Ramp up the fun by incorporating your house number in a more interesting way than just a metal number nailed to the wall. You can stencil the numbers on a flower pot or stitch them into pillows on your furniture. The important thing is to get creative and fun and make it totally unique to you.

Welcome Sign – Nothing says “Welcome to my home” like a welcome sign. Stencil it on a plaque of wood or get a fancy decal to put add right to the door. Scribble it on a chalk board and leave room for people to leave you messages. Get creative and have fun with it.

Seasonal Decorations – It’s a fun way to change up your decor frequently without spending a too much. Just make sure you’re not the person in the neighborhood with Christmas decorations up at Easter. You don’t need to go overboard, but adding one or two seasonal items to your porch will add a fresh and friendly vibe to the picturesque view.

Helen Oliveri is a 12-year real estate professional who loves our community and helping clients achieve their real estate goals is her priority. She is the managing broker of the newly opened Keller Williams Realty Partners, home of The Helen Oliveri Team in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, where she also resides. Feel free to visit the new office in Cherry Hill Plaza at 101 W. Gilmer Road. The Helen Oliveri Team can be found online at