Shepherd’s Flock of Lutheran Home

Early Childhood Development in Intergenerational Programming

Children go through crucial developmental stages during their early years. Attending a high quality early childhood education program can have long-lasting, beneficial effects on overall development. Enrolling your child in a program that will provide a loving and caring environment is extremely important along with building a partnership to ensure your child’s continued healthy development during his or her early childhood education years.

Shepherd’s Flock is a unique Christian and Intergenerational childcare center nestled in the Lutheran Home that supports families with quality early childhood developmental programs. The Lutheran’s Home’s mission is to empower vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations. Our faithful dedication to that shared mission includes the students and programs of Shepherd’s Flock. Nurturing the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical development is how we contribute to a vibrant intergenerational community that supports critical development in the early years.

When your child attends the same preschool or child care program during his or her early years, it allows them to build and develop long-lasting relationships with the adults and children in that environment which provides a sense of security and belonging. Children who are comfortable in their surroundings and with those around them are more likely to participate in activities, demonstrate a greater cognitive capacity and learn how to work cooperatively. Interacting with older adults enhances social skills for children by enabling them to develop secure relationships, communication skills by sharing stories that lead to vocabulary building, learn how to problem solve, see aging as a normal process of life, and provides a sense of purpose. This type of atmosphere provides positive role models for the children to interact with regularly and brings together a diverse population to help dispel negative or inaccurate stereotypes. Children enjoy opportunities to interact with the seniors both in the classroom and throughout the campus during daily walks, playing outside, or participating in shared activities.  Intergenerational activities offer mutual benefits by helping and being helped, teaching and being taught, loving and being loved. Intergenerational programs promote the transmission of cultural traditions and values from older to younger generations, helping to build a sense of personal and societal identity while encouraging tolerance.

Early childhood development is dependent on all these elements in order to ensure optimal learning. The goal is to lay a solid foundation in all areas of development to ensure future success in each milestone and developmental stage of life. When all these elements come together it plays an important role in each child attaining crucial developmental skills and reaching their fullest potential.

Lutheran Home is a Lutheran Life Community empowering vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations