August is here and with it your issue of SW Lake Lifestyle. This month, we proudly present you with eight more pages of all the good happening in your community. With your help and support, our magazine is growing at a faster pace than we imagined! We are honored and excited to see and experience the changes in store for us as we continue to be more inspired by our community every day. This issue is no exception.

For the cover of this issue, I was inspired by the Citizens For Conservation and its members amazing work in saving living spaces for living things. The CFC is hosting its last two Open Self-Guided Prairie Walks as we round the corner toward fall. As I looked through all the wonderful images taken out in the amazing biodiversity of the land that surrounds our area, I decided that to use as many images as I could to entice you to wander outside and enjoy the beautiful savannas, wetlands and prairies in your backyard. The preserve will be open free to the public Sunday afternoon on both August 2 and September 6, from 1- 4 p.m. A Sunday afternoon Prairie Walk sounds like the perfect way to hold on to the last of the gold that late August will bring to SW Lake County. I hope to see you amongst the wildflowers!