Adult Day Center 2

A Great Resource for Both Family and Caregiver ​


An Adult Day Center is a non-residential facility that supports the health, nutritional needs, social support and daily living needs of adults in professionally staffed, group settings. Adult Day Center Care allows an individual to stay in their home, or the home of their loved one, instead of nursing home placement.  Adult Day Care also allows an individual to engage in a variety of activities while in a social setting with their peers during the day.

Adult Day Care gives caregivers the opportunity to maintain their job outside of their home while continuing to provide care to their loved one.  It is also an opportunity for the caregiver to take a break from providing care to their loved ones with dementia or other chronic illnesses.

Most Adult Day Centers are open Monday through Friday for a good part of the day.  In most cases, you can attend one day a week or five days a week, whatever best suits your schedule.  They offer a structured program that provides a variety of health and social support services to meet the medical and cognitive needs of seniors that require chronic care and supervision.  Adult Day Centers provide care for 150,000 individuals each day.  Family members are the majority of caregivers for disabled and impaired adults.

There are some huge benefits to Adult Day Center Care such as therapeutic and health activities; exercise and socialization; and very importantly Adult Day Care may be more cost effective than hiring a caregiver during the day.  In addition, the structure of a day program and the socialization provided can be a benefit to daily enrichment in the client’s life.

Adult Day Centers are required to have a nurse on duty during business hours. That nurse can provide medication management as well as help with activities of daily living such as bathroom assistance and shower assistance.  If the center cares for members with dementia, it is required to be a secure setting for the clients.

Adult Day Care in Illinois can be funded through the Illinois Department on Aging Community Care Program as well as Veterans Administration benefits. This financial assistance can take a burden off families as they struggle with caregiver issues during the day.  All Centers are also private pay if community funding is not an option. Most Adult Day Centers will be able to help with financial qualifications to one of the programs available.

If you are a caregiver for someone and need a break, Adult Day Center Care may be the perfect resource to help you.  Be sure to view the Center prior to enrolling and make sure it is licensed in the State of Illinois to ensure proper care.